Privacy and Security of Personal Information

  • PDPA stands for “Personal Data Protection Act 2010”. Enacted by the Parliament of Malaysia, it serves to protect any individual personal information.
  • PDPA applies to any person who processes and any person who has control over or authorizes the processing of, any personal data in respect to commercial transactions.
  • An individual is entitled to be informed by a data user whether personal data of which that individual is the data subject is being processed by or on behalf of the data user.
  • Upon payment of a prescribed fee, a requestor may make a data access request in writing to the data user for information of the data subject’s personal data that is being processed by or on behalf of the data user.
  • The data user has communicated to its customer a copy of the personal data in an intelligible form.
  • Personal data means any information in respect of commercial transactions which is being processed wholly or partly by the user.
  • Personal data is recorded with the intention that it should wholly or partly be processed by the user.
  • Personal data is also recorded as part of the relevant filing system or with the intention that it should form part of a relevant filing system.
  • Subject to the rules and regulations given by the Regulator, a service provider is required to collect its customer’s personal information as a prevention of any possible money laundering and terrorism or funding illegal activities.
  • Customers are assured that all information collected by the company is strictly protected by its high-level confidentiality certified software encryption.
  • In addition, customers are also protected under PDPA.
  • JAGS Money is committed to the highest level of security practices, protecting its customer’s personal information by ensuring all information is fully secured from any kind of threat and fully secured by its robust Management Information System (MIS).
  • Customer information is only disclosed to authorised employees of the company, eliminating potential unauthorised accesses or sharing of customer personal information as stated in the company Privacy Statement.
  • On a case to case basis, customer’s personal information can be subjected for disclosure to only relevant authorised counterparties, such as the remittance provider company that provide such services as required by the Industry Regulator or any other authorised agencies as permitted by law or by any court order in complying the information collected.
  • Customers can easily obtain the currency available from the company website Online Order or Currency Converter. A list of available currencies will be displayed.
  • On a separate note, selective currencies might not be available at certain branches location of the company. The company will notify its customers if currencies are not available for online orders at respective branches.

The requirement for information needed is:

1. Name
2. IC Number/ Passport Number
3. Address
4. Occupation & Nature of Business
5. Type of Currencies and Amount

  • Start by clicking the link “Online Order” for an online currency reservation. Follow the step-by-step instructions over the displayed image on the screen.
  • Select the type of currency, the amount required, and then click to proceed with the online order.
  • Alternatively, customers could also place an online currency order by accessing the Currency Converter feature.
  • Next is for the customer to click “Book” to confirm currency booking order.
  • There is no minimum amount imposed to make an online order, however, the maximum amount for online ordering is RM 20,000.
  • Subject to the availability of the requested currency denominations, customers may request to have a certain currency denomination.
  • Customers can make online reservations by at least one (1) working day, except on Public Holidays and Sundays.
  • No ordering fee or service charges will be imposed for an online currency order.
  • In principle, the online currency rate will be offered the same as the company’s main branch. However, the rate at selective branches may differ from the other based on the stock availability of the required currency.
  • Customers may select a nearby location branch by ‘clicking’ to the selected branch to check the rate offered.
  • The company only accepts Malaysian coins for currency transactions with customers.