Money Exchange

Jags Money is specialized in selling and buying foreign currency and offer professional and reliable services to all of our customers and guarantee the following:

We insist that you compare our exchange rates with our competitors. Our due diligence ensures our clients are more than satisfied with our excellent foreign exchange solutions for their personal or business needs.

So, if you are traveling abroad for business or leisure and need foreign currency, Jags Money is your best option. You can trust us with all your foreign currency needs conveniently at any of our branches at very competitive rates along with exceptional service.

With decades of experience in foreign currency exchange services, we offer great exchange rates that cater to the forex needs of diverse consumer segments such as individuals, corporates and exchange houses. We help you buy and sell world currencies across all our branches.

If you have further questions regarding rates or currency types, please do not hesitate to give us a call at +603 2202 1002/ 1007 or visit the nearest branch.