Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions governing the use of JAGS MONEY SDN BHD (JAGS) remittance services, herein referred as JAGS Remit are contained in this document, which is a contract between you and JAGS. These terms and conditions may include, but are not limited to, provisions relating to the Financial Services Act 2013, the Bank Negara Malaysia Foreign Exchange Administration Rules, the Unclaimed Money Act of 1965 (revised 2002) (UMA), and provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Act 2001) which are binding on you.

The rights and obligations of both JAGS as the service provider and you as the User are outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Please read and understand these Terms and Conditions prior to accepting them. By requesting and/or using the service, it is deemed that you accept and agreeable to the Terms and Conditions which states as follow:


1.1       “Applicable Laws and Requirements” terminology refers to all applicable laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, rules, and requirements (whether or not they have legal force) in the relevant jurisdiction that apply to JAGS and/or the User (as applicable), including but not limited to anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, and money services business laws.

1.2        “Business Day” is any day that both in Malaysia as well as the recipient country are open for business, subject to the constant availability of FPX services.

1.3        “JAGS Remit” refers to JAGS’s exclusive online remittance/money transfer system that the User can access through the Website or Mobile App in order to complete a money transfer transaction.

1.4        “JAGS Remit Online Portal Services and/or JAGS Remit Mobile App Services or Services” available through www.jagsmoney.com and App Store/Google Play Store refers to JAGS’s online money transfer service that enables users to authorise payments to be made in the recipient country’s currency.

1.5        “Financial Processing Exchange”, also commonly known as “FPX” is a national online payment gateway that was developed in collaboration with financial institutions.

1.6        “Sender or User” refers to the individual whose request for JAGS Remit Services has been approved and registered with JAGS.

1.7        “Sender or User’s Details” including but not limited to the Sender’s full name, national identification number or passport number, birthdate, gender, and email address.

1.8        “Sender or User’s Account” refers to the facility provided to the User upon registration for uniquely identifying the User of the Services and gaining access to the Services.

1.9        “Receiver or Beneficiary” is a term used interchangeably and refers to the person who ultimately receives the payment based on User’s instruction through JAGS Remit.

1.10      “Recipient or Beneficiary Account” refers to the beneficiary’s bank account that has been authorised by the User for crediting of the transferred money.

1.11      “Recipient or Beneficiary Bank” refers to account maintained by the beneficiary at a bank situated in the beneficiary’s country for the purpose of crediting the remittance pay-out.

1.12      “Recipient or Beneficiary Country” refers to the beneficiary’s home country where the account crediting will take place.

1.13      “Recipient or Beneficiary Currency” refers to the currency in which the remittance pay-out will be made.

1.14      “Pay-out Amount” refers to the final sum that will be credited in beneficiary currency to the beneficiary’s account.

1.15      “Rate Calculator” refers to a foreign exchange rate calculator that calculates the conversion rates of Malaysian Ringgit to other payout currency or vice versa, and the rate is subject to periodic updates according to prevailing currency rates.

1.16      “Service Charge” refers to the fee that JAGS charges the User for each remittance instruction they make. JAGS reserves the right to change this fee at any time.

1.17      “Transaction” refers to online remittance or money transfer activity that the User executes by using the JAGS Remit.

1.18      “Visitor” refers to any individual who is not a User that access the Website.

1.19      “Website” refers to JAGS’s dedicated internet site at f which is open to access by Users.

1.20      “Non-resident” refers to citizens and residents of other countries apart from Malaysia.

1.21      “Loss” includes loss, damage, claim, costs, subscription fees, charges, damages and/or expenses of whatsoever nature without limitation arising from contract, tort, equity or any other principles of law or legal theory (including any loss of profits, lost savings, loss of data, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, special losses, incidental losses, punitive or exemplary losses and consequential damages) and howsoever arising whether direct, indirect, joint, several, actual, contingent or otherwise (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis), and includes without limitation claims made by third parties and claims for defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, death, bodily injury, wrongful use of computers and unauthorized or illegal access to computers (including but not limited to hacking), property damage or pecuniary losses howsoever arising.

1.22      “Password” refers to the User’s chosen alpha-numeric access code with at least one (1) upper case letter, one (1) lower case letter, one (1) digit, one (1) special character and at least 8 characters in total for the JAGS Remit in order to:

  1. a) Gain access to the User’s account to conduct a money transfer transaction.
  2. b) Initiate changes especially on address and occupation, view previous transaction history, and ascertain the current transaction status.
  3. c) Perform other functions that is available in the online portal or mobile app.

1.23      “JAGS MONEY SDN BHD” is a licensed Money Service Business by Bank Negara Malaysia and was established in accordance with Malaysia Registrar of Company with company registration number (1329310-M).  Its corporate office is situated at A-9-4 Northpoint Office, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 603-2779 1030


2.1        Sender must be at least eighteen (18) years old and in the capacity to establish legally binding contracts, and not be disqualified from doing so by Malaysian Law to enter into a legally enforceable agreement.

2.2        When utilising the Services, a Non-Resident Sender acknowledges that they are aware of all Malaysian laws and regulations.

2.3        The Sender is required by JAGS to adhere to all customer due diligence standards.

2.4        The Sender consents to accepting full responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the use of the Services and agrees to indemnify JAGS from any losses sustained as a result.


The User shall bear all costs associated with the Service Charge for each remittance transaction made through the JAGS Remit. The applicable service charge is populated during creation of the transaction in the system. As for the exchange rate, the prevailing currency rates are available when computation of the exchange rate is done using the provided currency calculator on the website or using the indicated rate according to corridor in the online portal or mobile app. 

3.2        The User acknowledges that JAGS will have all discretion in determining the appropriate foreign exchange rate and the aforementioned Service Charge.

3.3        In the event that JAGS determines, in its sole discretion, that the applicable foreign exchange rate used or quoted for any Transaction is inaccurate, JAGS is entitled but not obliged to:

  1. a) to void and cancel the aforementioned Transaction, and
  2. b) refund the money paid by the Sender to JAGS (“said monies”) which is in the possession of JAGS; subject to Sender’s obligation to cooperate fully with JAGS to carry out the foregoing. If the said money has already been transferred to the Recipient, JAGS is entitled but not obliged to affect the reversal of the said transaction subject always that the Sender shall assist in completing such reversal. The Sender and/or Recipient will not be entitled to compensation from JAGS for any losses they have already suffered or are expected to suffer in the future.


User affirm and confirm that all details and information submitted to support approval and registration for Services are true, accurate, up-to-date, complete, and not misleading, and the User agrees to immediately notify JAGS of any changes to their provided personal information by them updating online or filling up the appropriate form and handing it over to any JAGS’s branches.

4.2        User agrees to indemnify JAGS, its directors, shareholders and employees from any loss caused to JAGS as a result of the User’s provision of false, inaccurate, incomplete, or deceptive information or details.

4.3        User must take all necessary precautions (including, but not limited to, periodically changing User’s password) to protect User’s password, prevent unauthorised access to User’s Account, and prevent unauthorised disclosure of User’s password. User acknowledges that maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of his or her password is solely his or her responsibility, and that the User shall be fully and absolutely liable for all transactions and activities that occur under the User’s username and password, including misuse and unauthorised use.

4.4        If the User becomes aware of or has reason to suspect that there has been an unauthorised use of their account or breach of security, they must immediately inform JAGS by contacting customer care unit followed by writing or by email to JAGSremit2u.com by using their assigned email address. They must also cooperate with JAGS in any investigation that may follow. This covers:

  1. the use of a username or password without authorization;
  2. the receipt by the User of any transaction confirmation, fund transfer, or other activity for which the User was not responsible; and
  3. any inaccurate information regarding the User’s most recent transaction or transaction history.

4.5        In the event that a third party uses the User’s username and password to access the JAGS Remit, the User is responsible and liable for that access and must indemnify JAGS, its directors, shareholders and employees against any losses resulting from such unauthorised access. Any transaction or activity made using your username and password will be considered the User’s transaction or activity, and JAGS is under no obligation to confirm the validity of such transaction or activity.

4.6        User shall ensure to log out after each session of accessing JAGS Remit.

4.7        User acknowledge and agrees as follows:

  1. that JAGS may restrict, decline, or refuse User’s request for carrying out the Transaction at any time at JAGS’s sole discretion without assigning any reasons.
  2. that the transaction may take up to three (3) business days or longer period to reach the Recipient.
  3. despite the fact that the Site and the Services may be accessible from outside Malaysia, JAGS disclaims all responsibility for any violations of foreign laws.
  4. only customers in Malaysia have access to and can use the site and Services for transactions from Malaysia to other countries. If required, User must provide any supporting documentation that JAGS may need (including, but not limited to, identification documents) to the specified branches of JAGS.
  5. that each time a transaction is made, the User must declare the source of the remittance fund and the purpose of the money transfer in the appropriate column or field given by the JAGS Remit.
  6. that JAGS may rely on the information submitted by the user during registration and remittance pay-out. The User shall be solely responsible and liable for any mistakes in the information given by the User, including any misidentification of the Recipient and any incorrect account holders’ names and account numbers. The User agrees to indemnify JAGS for any costs and damages resulting from any actions taken by JAGS in reliance on such incorrect information.
  7. that JAGS shall not be liable for any failure of such payment due to any act or omission on the part of the User or any third party, and that the User shall be responsible for ensuring that any payment made in relation to the transaction are paid from the User’s own bank account, are fully authorised, and complete.
  8. that the User will still be responsible for the Service Charge if a transaction is cancelled by the User or fails because of incorrect information given by the User.
  9. To use this Service, the User must maintain a banking facility account with a Malaysian bank (or banks); all fees assessed by the banks, if any, shall be paid by the User; and the User shall abide by all agreements made between the User and the bank(s), as applicable, without any liability to JAGS.
  10. Without prejudice to the provisions, the User understands that in order to utilise the Services, User must maintain an internet banking facility account with one or more Malaysian local banks that participate in FPX.
  11. that User shall be responsible for paying any fees that FPX may charge in connection with any Transaction that User initiates under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.
  12. that FPX is a distinct legal entity and that FPX has set out terms and conditions that must be followed when using its services. The user is responsible for knowing and staying current on any applicable terms and conditions. The User’s or any other person’s Loss resulting from the User’s usage of the FPX services is not the responsibility or liability of JAGS.
  13. Access to the Site and Services is dependent on JAGS’s IT and network technologies, as well as FPX services provided by the User’s paying bank. The complete uptime of JAGS’s network and IT systems is neither guaranteed nor warranted by JAGS.
  14. JAGS reserves the right to limit the transactions in any way, including amount, frequency, and other factors in compliance with Malaysian legislation


Setting up the User’s Account, the User will be required to enter a valid phone number, security phrase and a password. During the process of setting up the account, email address is mandatory to be provided. The User is the only person who may use or reveal the password. It is the User’s obligation to maintain their password secure, as well as any Transactions made using those credentials. In the event that their login and password are used without their permission or if there is any other security breach, the User must notify JAGS immediately. JAGS will take the required action in response to the aforementioned unauthorised use, but it disclaims all responsibility for any losses brought on by this unauthorised use. 5.2        If User has forgotten the password or keyed in a wrong password for 3 times, the account will be automatically locked. In this situation, User can request for a temporary password. 5.3        In situation 5.2, the User accepts:
  1. a temporary password will be generated by the JAGS Remit and given to the User’s specified email address once the User click “Forgot Password” function available in JAGS Remit.
  2. accepts that if a password reset request is made, the user’s current password will be invalidated, and a new password must be created using the temporary password that JAGS will issue. With whatever temporary password that has been issued, the User must change to User own password before continuing to perform transaction.
  3. A temporary password will be created by JAGS and sent to the user’s selected email address on file with JAGS. The User shall be solely responsible for the upkeep of this email address. The User agrees to change the password right away for security reasons after receiving the temporary one. Despite this, the User will continue to be accountable and liable for all transactions carried out up to the period the old password is discontinued.


6.5        User is strictly not allowed to:

  1. use the Services in any way that would deny other Users their rightful access to Services.
  2. use the website in violation of these terms and conditions or for illegal purposes in any jurisdiction.
  3. use the Service in violation of any applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (Act 613) and any subsequent amendments thereto, or for any illegal or unlawful activity.
  4. allow access, re-sell or re-provide the Services to any other person.
  5. modify, distribute, reproduce, transmit, display, perform, publish, upload, post, grant a licence for, turn any information, designs, logos, trademarks, software, or services received from the website into derivative works, transfer, or sell them.
  6. Post or transmit any information or statement that would amount to a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or violate any applicable laws and requirements, including but not limited to information or statements that are obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive, or otherwise objectionable.
  7. posting or sending any messages that constitute advertising, promotion, or an offer to buy a good or service.
  8. send or distribute spam, junk mail, chain letters, or any other kind of unsolicited messages.
  9. posting, sending, or distributing dangerous, disruptive, or destructive files such as Trojan horses, worms, or viruses.
  10. information, software, or other content accessed from or via the Website may not be posted, published, transmitted, reproduced, distributed, or otherwise used for commercial gain.
  11. a decompilation or reverse engineering attempt of any software on the website.
  12. attempt to breach any firewall or other security mechanism on the website, or otherwise try to hack into the website.

6.2        User may only send and receive messages that are appropriate and relevant to the specific subject forum or purposes if the Website includes chat rooms, message boards, mailing lists, or other communication tools.

6.3        Software that is made available on, through, or as part of the Website with a specific purpose must only be used for that purpose.

6.4        When using a network to access the Services, the User must abide by its policies.

6.5        User is responsible for adhering to all applicable laws and requirements, including any local laws governing the use of the Services.


7.1        Except for User’s sole deliberate act, omission, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraud, and/or dishonesty, the User is expressly entitled to a full refund of any remittance amount they have sent through the Services but have not yet delivered to or paid to the Recipient. In no circumstance, whether or not JAGS was forewarned of the risk of such loss or damages, may JAGS, its directors, employees and shareholders be liable for any Loss sustained by the User or any third party arising from the Services. 7.2        JAGS total liability in connection with User transaction is limited to the full remittance amount together with any other charges for which User may be responsible and any interest which User may be required to pay as a consequence of any non-performance or incorrect performance by JAGS, is limited to maximum Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (MYR50) only.


8.1.        Due to the inherent risks associated with electronic distribution, User acknowledges and accepts that the Services may occasionally not be available as a result of regular maintenance, electronic or other system failures or interruptions, or other disruptions. Any Loss incurred by the User as a result of such, shall not be the responsibility of JAGS, its directors, shareholders and employees. The continuity, security, error-free operation, lack of viruses or other harmful elements, and uninterrupted access to the Services are not guaranteed by JAGS. 8.2         JAGS disclaims all liability to the User and any third parties for the following:
  1. if the User pay for any third party services in using the Services.
  2. any malicious, disruptive, or damaging files made by any third party, including but not limited to viruses, worms, Trojan horses, unauthorised use, or interceptions.
  3. any links on the Site to websites belonging to third parties.
  4. any communication facility problem that is not directly under JAGS’s control and could impair the timeliness or accuracy of any message or Transaction.
  5. any losses or delays in message transmission resulting from the use of any Internet access service provider or brought on by any browser or other software, whether or not under the control of JAGS, or any delay in the Transaction’s completion.
  6. any errors made by the User or a third party that results from incomplete or inaccurate information submitted on the Site or Service.

8.3         JAGS does not engage into a legal contract with the recipient and does not have any rights under any agreement it may have with the sender. Nothing in these Terms grants or shall be deemed to grant any third party a benefit or the right to enforce any provision of these Terms. 8.4        JAGS may refuse to provide or terminate the Service generally or to any User without prior notice if JAGS has any reason to believe that doing so may be in violation of any laws, requirements, orders of a court or any governing body having jurisdiction over JAGS (including Bank Negara Malaysia), or policies of JAGS , including that of any policy to prevent fraud, forgery, money laundering, or terrorism financing, or if JAGS consider such action necessary to protect its customers. When refusing the Service, JAGS is not compelled to give the User any explanation. 8.5         In cases when JAGS, in its sole discretion, deems it necessary, JAGS may suspend the operation of the Site or Service entirely or in part. 8.6         At any moment and for any reason, JAGS has the right to modify the Service and the Site without prior notice. 8.7         JAGS reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice to the User. The User is understood to have accepted such modification. 8.8         JAGS disclaims any responsibility for data loss and makes no guarantees on the User’s capacity to store any data in the System.


User is responsible for indemnifying JAGS, its directors, employees, and shareholders from any and/or all Loss that JAGS, its directors, employees and shareholders may suffer as a result of any violation of these Terms.


Regardless of any evidence to the contrary, all notices are deemed served on the User immediately after they are posted on the Website or sent to the User’s designated email address provided during online or mobile app registration process.


In the event of a performance delay, non-performance, or loss due to circumstances beyond JAGS’s control, JAGS shall have no liability to the User (including but not limited to Acts of God, devaluation of major currencies, Governmental mandates, or Laws).


12.1         The laws of Malaysia will be followed in interpreting and governing these Terms.

12.2        Regardless of where the User may reside or the Transaction may have occurred, these Terms between JAGS and the User shall be deemed to have been made and executed at JAGS’s office in Malaysia, and any breach of the terms and conditions stated herein shall be deemed to have arisen in Malaysia.


Our Privacy Policy details out the terms on which we process your personal data we collect from you, or that you otherwise provide or have provided to us. By using the Service, you consent to such processing, and you represent and warrant that all data provided by you is accurate. Our Privacy Policy is accessible by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link at our website. User hereby declares that they have read and accept our Privacy Policy. The User is understood to have agreed to any changes to the Privacy Policy made by JAGS at any time and in its sole discretion without notifying them in advance.


In accordance with applicable laws, JAGS may release and disclose information about the User, Recipient, and/or Transaction(s) to the appropriate authorities and/or third parties, including without limitation those who have been authorised by the User in clause 13.2 above.


No failure or delay on the part of JAGS in exercising any right, power, or privilege under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right, power, or privilege, nor shall any single or partial exercise of such right, power, or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of such right, power, or privilege. Time shall be of the essence of these Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified. The rights and remedies herein provided are in addition to and do not preclude any other rights or remedies stipulated by law.


The rate at which Malaysian Ringgit is converted into the local currency of the recipient’s country is subject to change at any time without prior notice. The conversion exchange rate that will be used for the User’s transaction will be the one that is presented in the JAGS Remit when the User verifies the performed transaction there.


17.1       In general, a Transaction order that has already been submitted cannot be amended or cancelled. The request for cancellation of an order or Transaction that User have already authorised is not guaranteed by JAGS and might not be approved if User do so. Any cancellation requests for orders or Transactions will only be considered if they arrive in time to be processed before JAGS and/or the Partner Network execute the order or Transaction.

17.2       In the event of any cancellations, refunds of the Transaction Amount or Service Fee or any other applicable fees and charges will only be granted under the following scenarios:

    1. Full Refund: Transaction Amount and Service Fee will be refunded in full if the cancellations are strictly due to no fault of User and/or the Recipient.
    2. Partial Refund: Only Transaction Amount will be refunded for cancellations that occurred due to errors made by User or the Recipient, including but not limited to mistakes User made when confirming an order or the Transaction or when there was an error in any information User provided (including personal information, bank account information, or any other necessary information pertaining to the Recipient) that resulted to the funds being rejected by the Recipient’s bank.

This also includes circumstances where a valid Transaction order cannot be carried out due to

    1. circumstances beyond the control of JAGS;
    2. the Recipient, Partner Network, or any related party (including a Recipient’s bank) refusing to accept User transfer;
    3. User funds or the Transaction is subject to legal processes or other liabilities restricting the completion of the Transaction; or
    4. User have provided inaccurate or incomplete information.
  1. No Refund
    1. User or the Recipient have violated the Remittance Terms and Conditions by using the Services;
    2. User or the Recipient are from a sanctioned countries or high-risk countries;
    3. User or the Recipient have been placed on a blacklist by any financial institutions, licensed banks and remittance service providers (including the Partner Network) in Malaysia or abroad;
    4. User or the Recipient are listed on any global lists or databases provided by local or foreign authorities (including but not limited to Bank Negara Malaysia), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), politically exposed persons (PEP), relatives or close associates of PEP as well as JAGS own internal lists, relevant money laundering and terrorism financing information sources, or other lists or databases;
    5. User or the Recipient are listed in the database provided or recommended by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) from time to time;
    6. Instances where User have acted fraudulently; or
    7. When User have failed to maintain the information, User use to access User’s Account safe or where User have intentionally or negligently jeopardised the security of User’s Account.

17.3      In the event if the refund request is allowed due to the justification provided under Full Refund and Partial Refund, the refund time will differ from a case-to-case basis. Kindly note that JAGS will only process refunds where JAGS receive the refund request; complete details; and returned funds (if applicable), between 9.30am – 4.00pm on a business day.

17.4       The information stated herein is solely for informational purposes. It is not meant to imply that JAGS will handle any cancellation requests or to set any restrictions on when it may decide to approve or deny refunds for a particular Transaction or to a specific User. Despite the aforementioned, User will typically not be eligible for cancellations or refunds unless one of the circumstances listed above occurs. In connection to any Transaction, Recipient are not qualified to make cancellation requests or request refunds.

17.5       Wherever possible, JAGS will attempt to provide User with approved refunds as soon as possible, but in no case later than twenty one (21) business days. However, there might be some exclusions depending on the Partner Network or Recipient bank, and User agree that JAGS will not be held accountable for any delays whatsoever due to no fault of JAGS.

17.6       Please note that any refunds will only be issued as credits to the User’s Account that submitted the Transaction order that the monies were initially deducted from. Any requests for refunds in cash or through another form of payment will not be entertained by JAGS. In the case of refunds related to Transaction Amounts involving currency exchanges, the amount reimbursed will be computed based on JAGS’s prevailing buying rate on the date of the refund. Any refund made shall be made subject to the laws and regulations of Malaysia


If any clause in these terms and conditions is determined to be void or unenforceable, the meaning of that clause must be interpreted to the fullest extent permitted by law in order to make it enforceable. If no such interpretation is possible, the clause’s voidness or unenforceability shall not affect the other clauses in these terms and conditions.


The Terms and Conditions above may be changed, altered, or amended by JAGS at any time. JAGS may also announce modifications to its Services and post those changes on our website www.jagsmoney.com. User’s acceptance to be bound by such change, alteration, and amendments is indicated by User’s continued use of the Services provided by JAGS after they have been posted.


Any provision of these Terms and Conditions may not be enforced by a person who is not a party to this agreement. This means that under these Terms and Conditions, the only parties who have any rights, duties, or privileges are the User and JAGS.


20.1         Without our prior written consent, User are not permitted to ever assign, transfer, charge, or otherwise dispose of these Terms and Conditions or any of User’s duties, rights, or privileges under these Terms and Conditions to any other person or third parties.

20.2        JAGS may at any time assign, transfer, charge, or otherwise dispose of all or a portion of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any of its obligations, rights, or privileges to any third parties, but will make certain to take the necessary precautions to ensure that by doing so will not jeopardise any of User’s rights under these Terms and Conditions.


 Any access or service User acquire through Services is at User own risk and is offered on a “as is” basis, including any content made available through the aforementioned.

22.1         JAGS expressly disclaims all representations, warranties, and conditions, whether statutory, explicit, or otherwise, including all implied representations, warranties, and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, and non-infringement.

22.2         JAGS makes no guarantees as to whether the features of the Services will satisfy User needs, or whether they’ll operate without interruption, without errors, without viruses, or without any other component that could harm your property or device. JAGS also makes no guarantees as to whether any flaws or errors in the Digital App, the Remittance Services, the network, or any content offered to User via any of the aforementioned will be fixed.

22.3         User only recourse for any remaining warranties is to cease using the Services, the network, and/or any content, or to quickly notify JAGS of any such shortcoming so that the necessary corrections can be executed to the extent that JAGS deems it practical to do so.

22.4         No warranty or representation is made by JAGS, the Partner Network(s), or any other JAGS’s affiliate with regard to the availability, security, reliability, quality, or correctness of the Services or any information given in relation to the Services. JAGS hereby disclaims all guarantees of any kind, whether stated or implied, statutory, or otherwise, with the exception of those warranties that cannot be excluded or modified by law.


The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over any translations.


If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions contradict with any other terms that appear elsewhere on the website, these Terms and Conditions, to the extent of such conflict, shall be deemed to prevail and govern in all respects.


The User shall continue to be responsible for all duties and liabilities under these Terms and Conditions that are intended by their nature to survive termination.


26.1             JAGS value each and every customer, and JAGS take their commitments very seriously. User may contact JAGS customer care unit regarding our services at 603-2779 1030. Alternatively, User can write to JAGS by email to: customersupport@jags.com.my

26.2             JAGS have internal policies in place for looking into any potential complaints filed against JAGS.

26.3             If User is still not satisfied after receiving JAGS response to any complaint, User have the right to file a complaint with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) at 1300 88 5465 or via the BNM’s eLINK web form at https://telelink.bnm.gov.my/